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xf_icons's Journal

x-files icons
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X-Files icons. I think that says it all. But for those who think it doesn't....

This is a place to post icons for the show The X-Files. This can be extended to actor/actresses of the show.

As far as moderating, all I ask is:
1. the icons stay X-Files related. (I think that's pretty straight forward.)
2. use lj-cut for larger entries.
3. posts in the community are of icons, about icons, for icons. general information about the series, while great, should be directed at the x-files communities that are for discussing them, i.e. xfiles.
*4. icons containing images from the new x-files film (i.e. spoilers) need to be placed behind an lj cut to prevent people who don't want to be spoiled from being spoiled.

All that aside, I hope you all have fun here.

~your maintainer: justgrl

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